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Free Lotto System 9

Free Lotto System 9 …


As with the system 8 above, there are great cut-price alternatives to a Lotto System 9.  A full Lotto System 9 requires 84 games, which is stretching the budget for most people.


Your Modified Free Lotto System 9 requires just 3 games and has a great guarantee – You will be amazed at how simple this is.


To get your Free Lotto System 9, simply Click the Image below on the Right and Download.  No Sign-Up required.


Now, like the 4-game lotto system 8, this 3-game free lotto system 9 has a Smart Way to Play and a Dumb Way to Play.  Your free Special Report shows you the key to the success of this system.


Winning Lotto System 9 SecretsAmazingly, even with just 3 of the 84 games for a full system 9, there are TWO Guarantees.  These are:


1.  If 2 of 3 Trios include the 6 winning numbers, you have First Prize.


2.  No matter where your 6 winning numbers fall, 4 or more will be together.


One of my Lotto Goals is to win First Prize – obviously!  Another, equally important, Lotto Goal is to win a prize of some kind as often as I can.  Now think about the two guarantees above – they target both of these lotto goals.  At only 3 games, even a minimum prize means I make a profit that week.


If you play a lottery that pays out on 3 numbers, then this free lotto system 9 is a great way to play.  With just 4 winning numbers, you are guaranteed at least 3 of the 4 together and hence a payout.  If you only trap 3 winning lotto numbers in your 9, there is a 2-in-3 chance they will be together.


Similarly, if you trap 6 winning lotto numbers in your 9, there is a 2-in-3 chance that 5 or more will be together.


And this 3-game Lotto System 9 is yours absolutely free!


What else can you do with 9 numbers?


To absolutely guarantee at least 5 numbers together from any 6 requires only 7 of the 84 games in a full lotto system 9.


If you only have 4 winning lotto numbers, then to absolutely guarantee they will all be together in at least 1 line requires just 12 of the 84 games in a full lotto system 9.  To guarantee getting 5 numbers and to have them all line up is beginning to get expensive – 30 games.


Can you see how all of these approaches are a very cost-effective way to play 9 numbers, rather than the 84 numbers in a Full lotto system 9?  And it gets even better when you know the secret lotto STRATEGY revealed in your free report that you need to apply to your lotto system!


LOTTO TIP: Always register your entry.  What if you won $20Mill – and LOST the winning ticket?

Quote:  “As the winning entry was not bought using a registered card, NSW Lotteries has no way of contacting the winner.”


Click on the Book Image at the Right for your Free Lotto System 9 in just 3 games!


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Hot Lotto Tips …


In other reports, we move away from Lotto Systems to Winning Lotto Tips.  Sign up on the right now (if you have not already done so) and the hot lotto tips below will arrive in your inbox in week 2 (you get the 4 lotto systems in week 1).


Your first report is entitled, “Seven Super Secrets to Improving Your Odds of Winning Lotto.” Here are a couple of samples of the lotto secrets we share in this report (based on a 6-from-49 lottery) …


6.  A lottery result with no consecutive numbers occurs just over 1-week-in-2 on average (50.5% of the 13,983,816 combinations are of this type). All other lottery results combined are less than 50%.


7.  The most probable lottery result will have no lottery numbers from the previous week (43.6% of the 13,983,816 combinations) or just one number from the previous week  (41.3% of the 13,983,816 combinations).  That is 84.9% of draws – make sure your games have no lottery numbers from the previous week or just one number from the previous week.


Another Report is entitled, “Before You Even THINK of Buying a Lotto Book” – reading this could keep you away from the scammers and save you money.


Then we send you “Secret Powerball Patterns.” Want to know the 2 kinds of Powerball USA results that account for 90% of all Powerball USA results?  In week 2, we will tell you!


The next article helps you with Improving Your Odds of Winning Powerball USA, or other 5-ball lotteries. Here is an excerpt …


However, if you look at “Powerball Strategies”, you can play five sets of 10 numbers with a four-from-four guarantee in 270 games. Contrast this with playing a full Powerball system for 10 numbers in 252 games, and you have an interesting strategic argument. The former allows you to play up to 50 numbers, if your sets of 10 are all different numbers; this significantly improves your chances of winning smaller prizes, and also of getting the five winning numbers somewhere in your entry to start with.


All of the above Hot Lotto Tips are absolutely free and sent straight to your email inbox, no obligation.

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