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Options for Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers


For most “casual” lotto players, the free lotto system for 10 numbers in 10 games is more than enough – 10 games fits their budget nicely, and delivers a good guarantee.


Lotto Groups / Syndicates or the more serious lotto player often ask me for “add-ons” to the Free Lotto System 10 that expand the guarantee.


To avoid continually responding one on one, I have now created the Pro version of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers.


This starts with the basic Free Lotto System 10 you get when you Sign Up on this page, and then adds more games as it progressively moves through higher and higher levels of guarantee


Starting with the Free Lotto System 10 games that Guarantee First Prize if you have 3 Pairs containing the 6 winning lotto numbers, a further 8 games are added to give you a second guarantee – at least 5 numbers together no matter where the 6 winning numbers are in your chosen 10.


So – Level 1: – Any 3 of 5 Pairs, in 10 games


Level 2:  Any 3 of 5 Pairs plus 5-from-6, in 18 games


Level 3 adds a further 6 games to give you this guarantee:
Any 3 of 5 Pairs plus 5-from-6 plus 4-from-4, in 24 games


Each additional level obviously improves your chances of winning lotto.


Finally we move on to the Granddaddy of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers.


This involves playing 63 games to guarantee:
Any 3 of 5 Pairs plus 5-from-5 plus 6-from-7


While 63 games is a bit high for individual players, it is well within the reach of Lottery Clubs / Syndicates, and still saves 147 of the 210 games in a full Lotto System 10.


Finally, there are “Guidelines for Choosing Your 10 Numbers.”


If you already play the Free “Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers” entry, you do not have to start all over again – you just add the additional games required – See example below:

Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers


Your additional Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers simply continue to build on this modular structure.


And the price?  A ridiculous $10.  If you are a serious lotto player, this is chicken feed.  If you are a casual lotto player, the free Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers entry is probably all you need – BUT, if your lottery jackpots to a ridiculously high level it might be worth investing $10 to learn how to play at higher levels only at those times there is a massive jackpot.


I personally tailor my lotto investment to the Prize on offer – the cost of playing is the same and the odds of winning are the same, no matter what the size of the Lotto Jackpot.


To purchase the Pro version of Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers, simply click below.  You will go to Paypal where you can pay by credit card or from funds in your Paypal account if you have one.  Within 10 seconds of paying, you should be re-directed to a download page – this opens your book and you can then save it to anywhere on your computer.  Please be patient, if Paypal is real busy, it can be 20-30 seconds, but 10 is the norm.



Thank you for purchasing the Pro version of “Lotto Systems For 10 Numbers”


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