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Lotto Wa System 8

Free Lotto System 8

Free Lotto System 8 …


A Full Lotto System 8 requires you to play 28 games – that is how many different 6 number combinations there are in 8 numbers.


However, there are some good alternatives to the full lotto system 8.  The first of these is a very cost-effective lottery system, and this is the one we give you for free.


In just 4 games, this modified free lotto system 8 still gives you two guarantees.


1.  By playing our 8 numbers as 4 pairs, if any 3 pairs contain the 6 winning lotto numbers – then you have First Prize!


2.  However, the manner in which we arrange the games also guarantees that no matter where the 6 winning lotto numbers appear in your 8 chosen numbers – At Least 5 winning lotto numbers will be together, and of course there is a 1 in 3 chance of all 6 winning lotto numbers.


In addition, if you have only 4 winning lotto numbers, if they are in two or three pairs, then all 4 winning numbers will be together.  All this in ONE Free lotto system 8 that requires only 4 games!


To get your Free Lotto System 8, simply sign up at the top right.


We will send you one new free lotto system each week (You can cancel at any time).  Your first free lotto system will be this 4-game lotto system for 8 numbers.  Next week, we will send you a free lotto system for 9 numbers, the week after, a free lotto system for 10 numbers, and so on.


There are other options for modifying the full lotto system 8.


An arrangement of all 8 numbers to guarantee that if you have just 4 winning numbers they will definitely be together requires just 7 of the 28 games.


Taking it a step further, arranging all 8 numbers so that if you have just 5 winning numbers they will all be together in at least 1 line requires just 12 of the 28 games.


In terms of a lotto strategy, I personally prefer to play TWO sets of 8 numbers with this 5-from-5 guarantee, rather than ONE full lotto system 8.


Check out our Free Lotto System 9 too.


However you choose to play, Good Luck with your lotto system 8!



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